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How well do you manage your workflow?

If you’ve ever missed a deadline, lost a client’s contact information, had a breakdown of communication within your team or wasted a weekend tackling paperwork, Soapstone could transform your business.

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Be professional, be prepared, and be on track with Soapstone. Intuitive and user friendly, our software makes it easy to manage your workload efficiently.

Struggling to keep track of your quotes, projects and to-do lists? Soapstone can help you save time and get organised - leaving you free to focus on the areas that make your business thrive.

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What is Soapstone?

It’s the only software you need to get organised.

Our web-based software solution takes the best bits of CRM and project management systems, and cuts the unnecessary clutter, to leave you with an accessible, customisable and collaborative tool for your business.

Soapstone can provide focus and structure to your work, by providing you with a daily to-do list generated from your quote, project, task and deadline details. With our software, your business can become more efficient, allowing you to grow your revenue by streamlining your projects and teams.

A web-based tool, Soapstone can be accessed by anyone in your user group from anywhere with a web connection, making it easier to collaborate and communicate as a team beyond the confines of the office. As such, it’s ideal for anyone managing multiple clients, projects or virtual teams on a daily basis.

What does Soapstone do?

Soapstone allows you to:

  • Input client information to manage your contacts effectively
  • Develop your follow-up strategy – record your quotes, schedule follow up calls/appointments, and convert quotes to projects
  • Manage your projects – set deadlines, tasks and calendar functions
  • Schedule ad hoc tasks and meetings – in one simple calendar or to do list
  • Share information and tasks within your user group easily and efficiently
  • Record notes against each of your clients/projects – including tasks, meeting notes and conversations, to build better client relationships
  • Assign actions to members of your team and monitor progress
  • Save time, and focus on growing your business – Soapstone is designed with the ethos that management software should help you save time and money, not drain it
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Who is Soapstone for?

Soapstone is ideal for:

  • Freelancers/individuals/consultants wanting to manage their workload and client base
  • Client-facing service providers needing to track multiple projects/clients
  • Business owners wanting to save time and make admin/management easier
  • Virtual/remote workers who need to collaborate as a team

How much does it cost?
You can try Soapstone for free.

Discover how much more efficient you could become with our free one month trial. You don’t need to provide any bank or credit card information – simply contact us to create a username and password, and get started.

After your free trial, pay £4 per user per month, or £40 per user per year with a yearly commitment, if you wish to continue.

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