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About us

The story behind Soapstone

Our concept was born in one of those classic meeting scenarios where no one could remember the details of a project we'd completed a few years ago. 'Imagine being able to search all of your information in one place,' someone said, and Soapstone’s journey began. We created this tool to save time and get organised, and we hope it can make your life a lot easier too.

We hope you enjoy using our software, and we’re constantly striving to improve Soapstone for our clients. Like the metamorphic rock that shares its name, Soapstone is designed to evolve in line with your needs – so please do report back on how you find it, any features you just can’t do without, or anything that would make it even easier to use or access.

We'd be very grateful for your feedback and involvement in the 'Soapstone Community'.

Our mission is to make life easier and more profitable for all of our clients.