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Soapstone is designed to ensure you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions. Here’s how:

1. Can you easily locate a quote you produced for a client some years ago?

Store quote and project details securely on our off-site server, to access whenever you need them

2. Are you able to search your quotes and projects for similar work you’ve done in the past?

Easily search your archives to make quoting a more simple and consistent task

3. Have you got mountains of business cards on your desk, or are your contacts in an easily searchable database?

Input and securely store client information, to manage your contacts in one accessible location

4. Could you tell on any given day the location and workflow of each team member?

Collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world with our intuitive web hosted software

5. Could you tell a client the status of a project during an unexpected phone call?

Instantly access your projects to view their status, tasks and any relevant notes, to help you built better client relationships

6. Can you assign and monitor the progress of tasks with remote workers?

Manage remote workers/freelancers easily by assigning tasks and deadlines to your team, and track their progress with our collaborative software

7. Do you know who last spoke to a particular client, and what the conversation involved?

Record notes and conversations against clients/projects to help you manage client relationships as a team

8. Can you easily report on client activity, such as different quotes and projects on their account?

Build long-term relationships with your customers by recording activity for later reference and discussion.

9. Do you know your conversation rate of quotes to projects?

Generate fundamental data from your software that will help your business grow and improve

10. Could your business save time and money by becoming more efficient? We think you could.

Soapstone is built specifically to address the above issues – a central database where you can interrogate, understand and be more efficient with key information about your client activity.

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